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 What happened to Deism in the 19th Century?

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PostSubject: What happened to Deism in the 19th Century?   Wed Aug 22, 2007 12:08 pm

I think this excerpt about "the Second Great Awakening" does a good job of describing what happened to Deism in the 19th century.

Quote :
The Second Great Awakening

The Second Great Awakening was ignited by the preaching of James McGready, a Presbyterian, in the area of Logan County, Kentucky, a community that Peter Cartwright deemed "Rogue's Harbor." Describing the area, Cartwright wrote: "There was not a newspaper printed south of the Green River, no mill short of forty miles, and no schools worth the name. We killed our meat out of the woods, wild; and beat our meal...As for coffee, I am not sure that I ever smelled it for ten years." The preaching of McGready and others touched a nerve, however, and at a Camp Meeting at Red River the ground was "covered by the slain." "Their screams for mercy pierced the heavens...[and] the most notorious profane swearers and Sabbath-breakers [were] pricked to the heart."

This outbreak of revival ignited others at Gasper River, and at Cane Ridge. The Cane Ridge Revival became the most famous, and was led by Barton Stone who latter founded the Christian Church. This meeting was a vast gathering (10-25,000). In order to appreciate how big this gathering must have seemed, one need only note that the largest town in the state--Lexington--numbered 1,795 persons.

There was a swift demographic move westward in the United Staes after the revolutionary war. Frontier living was tough and people wanted a religion that spoke to their souls. Rational religion was for intellectuals, they wanted something that spoke to them.

You can read on here...

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What happened to Deism in the 19th Century?
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