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 The Rhythm of Life

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PostSubject: The Rhythm of Life   Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:08 am

As the days are rapidly getting shorter and the weather is rapidly getting colder here in the northeast I've kind of been dragged into autumn this year kicking a screaming. Normally I try to appreciate the beauty that comes with the changing of the seasons and am able to attain a spiritual connection with that rhythm...

Not feeling it this year...

I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I've been so busy. Maybe it's because I'm getting older (I'm 40 years old now) and I'm hitting some sort of mid life crisis. Whatever it is the universe doesn't seem to really care too much because the days are still rapidly getting shorter and the weather is still rapidly getting colder.

How do you deal with the changing of the seasons?

"Enjoy every sandwich" ~ Warren Zevon
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The Rhythm of Life
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