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 Is Whole Foods Integral?

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PostSubject: Is Whole Foods Integral?   Mon Jun 18, 2007 11:42 am

I thought that this was an interesting article. The question I have is, is John Mackey really integral or is he just using Integralism as a tool for gaining greater profit?

Maybe both?

Quote :
The Upward Flow of Human Development
What follows is a modified version of John Mackey's Keynote Speech at the March, 2006, Tribal Gathering of Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas. Every few years, approximately 600 members of Whole Foods Market leadership come together for a long weekend dedicated to networking, education and inspiration. This speech was delivered on the final day of the gathering.

My philosophy is that life is all about learning and growing, and that life can be a real adventure of learning, growing, compassion, and joyfulness. We all have the capability to grow all our lives—if we don't get stuck—in emotional intelligence, wisdom, consciousness, ethical development, and love. And not only individuals are capable of growth. So are organizations such as Whole Foods Market and Grameen Bank, as well as larger collective societies, such as the United States.

One way to view human development is to see a decline in egocentrism. As Henry Gardner said, "The whole history of human development can be viewed as a progressive decline in egocentrism." Consciousness development engenders a decrease in narcissism and an increase in caring and consciousness. Humans move from ego-centric to ethno-centric to world-centric as they develop in consciousness. The upward spiral of development is at the same time a spiral of compassion—from me to us to all of us...

You can read the rest here...

"Enjoy every sandwich" ~ Warren Zevon
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Is Whole Foods Integral?
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