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 Food, Inc

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PostSubject: Food, Inc   Thu Jun 18, 2009 9:56 pm

This looks like an interesting expose on the corporate food industry.

Quote :
As you might gather from the title, Rob Kenner’s documentary “Food, Inc.’’ is, in part, concerned with the extent to which industrial food production has replaced farming in America. It’s part activism, part school-assembly lecture. If you’re told where most fast-food chains’ ground beef comes from, how much E. coli is in it, how much ammonia has been added to kill the E. coli, and how many illegal immigrants the meatpacking companies recruit, underpay, and leave prey to police raids, will you still want to eat that double cheeseburger? The filmmakers are guessing no. The whole thing is as subtle as a watermelon in a bowl of Cheerios but necessary, nonetheless...

"Enjoy every sandwich" ~ Warren Zevon
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Food, Inc
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