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 Contemporary Deism Project

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PostSubject: Contemporary Deism Project   Wed Dec 24, 2008 4:22 pm

(Previously announced on the Positive Deism board)

I am soliciting collaborators (or co-conspirators if you prefer) to co-author a book about contemporary Deism. It is planned for publication as a book and eBook sometime next year. There will be profit sharing for significant contributors (assuming there will be any profit, which is not a primary goal). I have some contributions already (about 1/3 of the planned content).

Preliminary details are available here. Please free to email me or PM me with any suggestions, comments or questions. I don't want to tie up the forum with details, but I am definitely looking for a wide variety of contributors.

I am especially interested in (a) contributor(s) from here to add a section on Panendeism. I want this to be fun, not drudgery, so step right up! Your Deity needs you! I have a project work area already set up. It just needs your input!
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Contemporary Deism Project
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