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PostSubject: Choice   Sat Apr 05, 2008 5:39 pm

This truly inspred excerpt from Simone Weil describes both what I believe to be human evolution into choice and the lack of choice normal for our scattered "being." It makes me woncer what it would mean to acquire consciousness leading to a higher purpose within which choice exists:

Quote :
“The sea is not less beautiful to our eye because we know that sometimes ships sink in it. On the contrary, it is more beautiful still. If the sea modified the movement of its waves to spare a boat, it would be a being possessing discernment and choice, and not this fluid that is perfectly obedient to all external pressures. It is this perfect obedience that is its beauty.”

“All the horrors that are produced in this world are like the folds imprinted on the waves by gravity. This is why they contain beauty. Sometimes a poem, like the Iliad, renders this beauty.”

“Man can never escape obedience to God. A creature cannot not obey. The only choice offered to man as an intelligent and free creature, is to desire obedience or not to desire it. If he does not desire it, he perpetually obeys nevertheless, as a thing subject to mechanical necessity. If he does desire obedience, he remains subject to mechanical necessity, but a new necessity is added on, a necessity constituted by the laws that are proper to supernatural things. Certain actions become impossible for him, while others happen through him, sometimes despite him.”

Excerpt from: Thoughts without order concerning the love of God, in an essay entitled L'amour de Dieu et le malheur (The Love of God and affliction). Simone Weil
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PostSubject: Re: Choice   Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:54 am

What catches my eye from this, is the "obediance" word choice. Symbolistic acceptance that you can be controlled or rebel against control. I find this to be a sad factor that has taken many minds. I like how you relate this though to Choice and Conciousness. I beleive that resonably they are one in the same. What we allow ourselves to be conciously aware of determines the choices we make. In fear of difficult or undesireable choices some will make themselves inactively-concious or completely disreguard hard to accept truths. concider, the sea is beautiful and ugly, but does not care s to which. It is the ability to be beautiful in actio that makes mankind more beautiful than any sea.
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