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 Dependent Origination

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PostSubject: Dependent Origination   Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:53 pm

Here's another concept from eastern philosophy that's closely related to Non-dualism and dialectical monism. It's the Buddhist conception of "the dynamic web of life".

Quote :
Dependent Origination (Pratītyasamutpāda) is an important part of Buddhist metaphysics. Common to all schools of Buddhism, it states that phenomena arise together in a mutually interdependent web of cause and effect. It is variously rendered into English as "dependent origination", "conditioned genesis", "dependent co-arising", "interdependent arising", etc.

IMO this concept does a very good job of explaining the "laws of evolution" an a macro scale as well as the concept of "co-emergence".

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Dependent Origination
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