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 Mountain, keeping still

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PostSubject: Mountain, keeping still   Fri Sep 07, 2007 5:54 pm

In our lives, as we pass to and fro from one thing to another, we are like sand, each of us a thousand grains of sand,
we are subject at times to the winds that take us as they wish, or the seas that push us with their waves, their energies.

A thousand grains of sand can fit in a normal persons hand.

when we become aware, as did the sage people, we can rest our bodies, join the grains of sand.

When we enter into meditation, we first become as a small river stone, less apt to be tumbled by a wind, more restant to the currents of life's seas and streams.

as we develop our abilities, our selves, we become as a small boulder and are more substantial in our solid form able to support things, such as learning a higher way, we may be a cornerstone, for a temple or school. we may become a road block for someone on the wrong path or a marker for someone seeking the right one.

as we develop, yet more, we become a larger and larger entity, more solid and capable of greater things even if the greatest thing we do is to do nothing at all. Imagine all the history we'd save ourselves from if a few persons had done nothing at all. Hitler, stalin, the "Berg" that invent the neuclear bomb.

Eventually in each of us there is the ability to find as the sage people did the inner strength of the great mountain.

relax, fold your legs, straighten your spine, relax again and begin
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Mountain, keeping still
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